Remember when I made that list of things you need when you have a baby?
I put a baby carrier on that list for a reason, and Ring-slings are my fave! I have gone grocery shopping (without tears), snuggled an unsettled new baby, had older siblings bond with baby, got dad to hold baby and play video games at the same time, gone for walks, pushed kids on the swings, cooked dinner, put on my make-up, gone pee (yup), all while wearing baby Sullivan in our sling … all sorts of things that you need hands for haha. Baby wearing is a life/sanity saver.
So when  Sewfunky baby slings asked if I wanted to be one of her brand ambassadors I excitedly jumped at the opportunity! **
And when our sling arrived at our house and I saw how beautiful it was I had to get matching dresses made for the girls right away!


Baby wearing has really helped us settle into having a new baby in the house. Sullivan is the perfect addition to our family. He is so content and really patient with his sisters as they do all they can to spend time with him. He breastfeeds easily, sleeps wonderfully, and  snuggles amazingly. We sure love having our new baby, and we really love baby wearing.

**I am not paid to promote this product, I am however provided a free sling to use and review and LOVE. Follow us on Instagram to see our first year with Sully and Sewfunky plus lots more!


{Sullivan Atlas} A Homebirth Story

So today marks 1 week of having baby Sully with our family. Its a good time to type out our birth story.

He was born Friday the 13th of May and He came into the world fast and furious!

I had my waters “break” (slow leak) on the night of the 12th and it continued to leak all through the day on the 13. I was surprised that I experienced only 3 or 4 small contractions during the day. I was actually pretty frustrated that he had not come that day. I went to bed around 10-10:30pm, but woke up a few mins later with a very strong and real contraction! YES!!! This is it. Baby time!

I didn’t want to wake my husband or kids because I knew I’d be in labour for a few hours yet. So I got out my yoga ball and turned on the tv..  I also called my mom to come over because I wanted her there for the birth. Im super glad I called her as “early” as I did.
The contractions kept coming one on top of the other, with less that 1 min in between, and they were very very strong. I had to stop and lean on the kitchen counter while walking from the family room to the bed room. I went and woke up my Husband and Bee, who was sleeping on the floor in our room, I said.. “BABY TIME, this is it for real call the Midwife… NOW”. I actually felt a little bit frantic, because I was thrown off by how fast things were going. I had to take a minute to calm myself down as best I could.

My poor husband was a bit confused and startled from a deep sleep. He called the midwife, and then started to fill up the bath tub. I asked him to push hard on my lower back through a few contractions. This was probably 10 to 15 mins after the first contraction hit. I got into the tub and immediately started to feel the need to push. Our Midwife arrived really quickly (did she break traffic laws and drive slightly above the speed limit? Ill never tell!)

She came in our room and set up all her equipment. (things she would need in case of emergency) Then she came over and checked on me, and checked baby’s heart beat. Everything was good. Meanwhile I had been pushing the whole time.


The one photo of our birthing experience, thankfully my mom snapped a pic with her phone. This is our midwife checking baby’s heart beat moments after she arrived.

Shortly afterwards I felt like I needed to poop.. (yes poop, this is a birth story, people poop) So I asked my mom and husband to help me to the bathroom.

Our daughter Bee went and woke up her little sister, and they were hanging out in our room watching and quietly playing with glow sticks, and just checking in with me from time to time.

I sat on the toilet for a while pushing, it was such an intense feeling. I reached down between my legs and told them that I felt the baby’s head. (OMG what a feeling!)
So my midwife said that I should probably get up and move back to the tub or bed, because we didn’t want baby born into the toilet, so I stood up, but then could not move, gravity and the intense pressure to push took over… wow burning sensation. My husband stood behind me and held me up..and then out came baby’s head! The umbilical cord was wrapped around baby’s neck 2 times, but our midwife was able to slip it over the baby’s head easily, and then with the next contraction and push, baby boy Sullivan Atlas was born at 11:56pm about an hour after labour really started! Holy Fast!

A BOY.. you guys I totally birthed a baby boy! He came out with a perfectly round and beautiful head, we took a moment to meet our son, sitting on the bathroom floor. The children were very excited to find out that he was a boy,  “just what we wanted!” they exclaimed.

After a few mins we moved onto our bed. I was bleeding a bit more than my midwife would have liked so, while I held baby and tried to get him to latch, I was given a shot of pitocin, to encourage my uterus to contract and stop bleeding, and an IV to rehydrate me and build volume. I had such a rush of adrenaline that I was shaking really badly and handed baby over to hubby and the kids. And I just sat holding my mom’s hand and shaking for a while. Not super fun. Our midwife was on top of things and was able to stop the bleeding pretty quickly. Im so thankful for her. Plus I didn’t even tear, which surprised me because the moment I birthed his head, I was pretty sure that with all the pressure I felt, I was certainly going to tear.

Baby Sullivan was examined (totally healthy) and we found out he was 8lbs and 6oz. My biggest baby.

Everything calmed down, eventually… My kids were tucked into their beds, My father came to meet baby for the first time and then took my mom home, and at 3am our midwife also left my husband and I alone with our baby for our first night together. …

And that my friends is the story of how Sullivan Atlas joined our family. It was not at all the birth I had envisioned, but thats birth for you, its not something you can plan out exactly. It just happens.

We are over the moon in love with this little guy.






Wow so today is my due date. I never made it to my due date with my previous 2 pregnancies. So this is new to me. (31 weeks with Bee, and 39 with Bunny)

Im a strong believer in the idea that a due date is not an expiry date. It’s and estimate. Your body and baby know when it is time, and it will come when its ready.
Ok well truth time. Thats fine and dandy for the rest of you.. But get this baby out of me.

Lastnight I washed my floors on my hands and knees. I never do this. EVER. I also sat on my yoga ball and bounced hoping baby would come out… its still in….bourbon-clipart-0e4bd6894a9a9b0fd123dfbb5daab527

Anyways its my due date and Ill cry if I want to….cry if I want to.
Hurry and get born kid.. I hate being pregnant and I really love you and want to meet you.

Ps. how crazy is it that I want to I am excited and want to hurry up and experience labour.. intense, sometimes painful labour.. moms are weird.


What do we think friends is this baby a boy or a girl? Stay tuned to find out.



Oh we are 2 weeks (or less) away from having a new baby… I know lets sell our house! Why not. Lets add to the craziness! Selling our house is a good thing. Our house is way to small to bring in a new baby, and baby stuff (and eventually foster children). So we sold our house! We do have 2 months to move, which thankfully gives us time to have our home-birth here, and give me time to heal, before I have to start cleaning and packing our stuff.

But this means that we have to find a new house.. which we have not found yet. (what we need is 4 bedrooms, 2 family rooms, hopefully 2 bathrooms, and a nice yard for the kids.)  Its been a little stressful. We are not super picky, we know that what we can afford is something that might need a little work and thats ok, but the market is crazy here right now and houses are $$$$$$$$$$$ big money! Also I’m huge pregnant and house hunting while having contractions and waddling around is not super easy. Plus add hormones to the mix = stress.

Lets hope we find a house in the next few days, and that they accept our humble offer, and that everything goes smoothly with the move!

Happy Hump Day!

making padcicles

One of the things I prepared for myself, for after baby comes is… Padcicles yay how fun!

So yeah those are what they sound like.. frozen pads…
Im hoping that it will help with pain and swelling after baby comes.. soothe the lady bits if you will. Lets face it, the poor lady bits go through a lot.

Ive seen quite a few recipes online for how to make padcicles, but here is what I used/did.

~Took a trip down to my fave baby store Lizzie Bits. Bought some “Matrea Soothing Perineal Wash” This is made in BC so fairly local. Its pretty much like making tea. Its got lots of healing properties. Except I didnt drink it… (Also I plan on making soothing herbal baths after baby comes with this same product! Cant wait!!!)

~Poured the Soothing Tea onto a HUGE overnight Maxi pad. (Think big granny pad you would never wear in real life (Hey I’m gunna wear depends after baby comes too soooooo.. you can judge me if you want but meh)

~Fold pads back up in wrapper and stick in freezer.

A few small tips. Gently unfold your pads (this makes it easier to wrap back up) I also cut the paper “wing protector thing” down the middle so that the wings would still be sticky after.
Poured a bit of tea into the pad (more at the front and middle part, I didn’t worry about the back, I don’t really need a cold butt crack)
Since I will be having a home birth, I’m going to take 1 or 2 pads out of the freezer at the start of labour and put them in the fridge to thaw a bit, this should make it easier to open the frozen pads, and prevent freezer burn on already sensitive lady bits. *If you are planning a hospital birth, just get someone to take a few out of the freezer for you once you arrive back home so you can use it once you get settled in.

After baby is born I will let y’all know how the pads turned out and if I liked them or not. I only made 6 to start so no big loss if they suck or I just don’t like them. I can make more later on if I want.
Also I hope this post is somewhat comprehensible, I am about to pop a baby out and my brain in mushy as heck.

Slide show of the process:
(Please excuse the terrible lighting in my kitchen)

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Happy Birthing my friends.

10 must have baby items for new parents

Disclaimer.. there are not 10 items on the list.

Some friends of mine asked me to make a baby registry for this new little squish, so that they know what we need. Ive added some cute teething toys and swaddle blankets etc. Lets face it buying cute baby things is awesome!  I keep coming across these ridiculous lists and blog posts that tell new parents the top baby items they NEED for new baby..

These lists are bogus.. They are usually nice things to have, but.. need?? Nope. So I’m going to make you a list. I have already birthed and parented 2 babies, so I learned somethings. Do I know everything? Nope. And the needs of your family might be different from the needs of mine decide what you need..

Top 10(not really) things you need for a new baby:
1: Boobs. (or some sort of nutrition for your new baby. It might be breastmilk, as that is the biological norm for human infants, but formula works to nourish baby too.)
I breastfed bunny until the age of three, but Bee was 2 months premature, and she was formula fed.. and they are both alive and loved.


2. Diapers. Weather you choose cloth or disposable diapers you are going to want something to catch the poop while you are out and about in the world. I love cloth diapers because they are cute, and environmentally friendly, and save lots of money. But guess what… disposables work too. If you are like me, when I had my first daughter I lived in an apartment building with shared laundry and so cloth was not an option.

3.Carseat. If you have a car you’ll want a carseat. Make sure you buy one that fits in your vehicle properly and read the manual (For real)! If you walk or ride a bike.. I guess you don’t need this item. (congrats for dodging a bullet $$$ )


4. Climate appropriate clothing. Duh.

5…… hmm I guess Ive run out of things you actually NEED… here are some things you might want that make life easier… but are not stupid.

Ring-sling, wrap, or soft structure baby carrier. – babies love to be close to the ones they love. They love to feel secure. A good baby carrier will save your sanity, this I have learned.

Safe sleep area – this can be in your bed, a bassinet, a hammock, a crib, a laundry basket.. you choose. If you do want to bed share, just make sure you look up how to co-sleep safely.

Breastpads – If you do choose to breastfeed you will want something to stop you from leaking through your shirt every time a baby whimpers  🙂 This is embarrassing when it happens, so my pro tip is to avoid it happening.

So those are my real life must haves! Let me know what you would add to the list..



We got ourselves a kitten and named her Willow.

I mean who doesn’t need a new kitten in a tiny house weeks before giving birth to a new baby. (YIKES) …but she is cute.

DSC_2050So there is your short and sweet Wednesday post.


Well.. I’m still pregnant, and I still suck and being consistent about blogging. Im actually a huge procrastinator and suck and being consistent with everything. Keeping up the blog, keeping up with laundry, working out, my bible reading schedule. Thank goodness kids tell you when you have forgotten to feed them lunch haha.

Im 32 weeks pregnant. With this pregnancy and my last getting to 32 weeks has been a big milestone for me, since Bee was born early at 31 weeks. My preemie fears start to subside around now.

The thing is I’m glad to still be pregnant for baby’s sake, but I hate it for myself. Im still puking everyday, plus I’m getting mega fat. Plus I look pale, my Iron is low, so I have to get that up before baby arrives. And I never sleep because its hard to get comfortable, I have heart burn all the time.

My kids have been begging me to take them swimming, so today I ventured out to the mall and bought myself a new bathing suit since my old one does not fit anymore…

Bathing suit shopping while you are pregnant, is kind of like kicking yourself in the groin, emotionally. And of course I am trying to be a body positive role model for my daughters and not complain about my shape. So there I am in the changing room pretending to be a confident woman with my cellulite and stretch marks staring at me. But then my littlest pipes up that she thinks I look beautiful, so I pretend that I agree. And I buy the stupid bathing suit. Now I just have to wear it to the pool and pretend to be confident infront of the the rest of the world. I hope that if I pretend for long enough maybe it will just start happening. #fakeittillyoumakeit

Anyways I made my 7 year old take some photos of my belly today. She’s getting a bit better with photography, although her framing could use some work.. oooh well.

Here’s some belly photos.
Im off to buy a carseat online now, since I think this new baby will probably need a carseat…




Wow, so yes it has actually been months since I posted a blog update. Sorry. Please forgive.
This pregnancy has not been kind to me. I have been sick sick sick. Its a little over half way over now, and I am counting down the days. I love this baby but I want it out of my body. I am starting to feel a little bit better. Not so sick anymore, but the nausea has been replaced with exhaustion, heartburn, and sore hips. Joy.
We sadly had to say no to a few Foster Care placements which made our hearts sad. We will be waiting until after baby comes to say yes to adding a foster child to our home. So while it might be a year or so away, it is still very much our plan to be part of the crazy world that is Foster care in BC. On a positive note my husband has been an amazing support. He has picked up the slack on the home-front, and takes care of me well. All the while he works to jobs to support our family. I have big love for him.
And our children have been a blessing too. Our homeschooling program is looking very much relaxed lately, mostly online learning games and art projects.

Anyways its a new year! With lots to look forward too. And I will try to blog more!

Babies Babies Everywhere…

Hashtag Im Pregnant.

Yeah thats right! Not only are we adding a foster baby to the family in the next few weeks, but in the spring time we are going to be having our very own bio baby number 3!  (Another spring baby for us!) The kids are so excited. We have been talking about having another baby for months now, and its finally happening!

I can not wait for another home birth, and to nurse a baby again, and snuggle and smell  that fresh born smell, and to see both my big girls love on a new baby.. Im such a happy momma! Oh and we can’t forget the baby-wearing…haha.

Im also a tiny bit nervous. Both previous pregnancies have been pretty hard on me, lots of morning sickness (read that as 40 weeks of all day all night sick!) So far I am only feeling exhausted and slightly nauseous, so hopefully thats as bad as its going to get.

As soon as I found out about baby #3 I ran out to the store to buy some Matraea Ginger Mint Tea to soothe my tummy. You can bet that I am going to be using all sorts of their products as I go along in this pregnancy, birth, and beyond, they have an amazing line of products.

#preggo #mataea

#preggo #matraea

Anyways you guys.. Im gunna have a baby!! YAY