About Us- Nice to meet you!

Hi! Welcome to my blog.
If you are wondering what you will find here let me tell you, Im not really sure. Its pretty random. Also our family is going through lots of changes right now. We currently homeschool/Unschool, but we are having a new baby and going into foster care, which means that come September Bunny and Bee are going to try public school for the first time ever.
So stay tuned for our adventures in life..  I’ll chat about babies, schooling, family events, attachment parenting, birth, breastfeeding, pets, anxiety, food.. all kinds of stuff.

Things to know about me. I love coffee, I love photography, and I love my Family.
My husband is awesome. He puts up with us crazy girls. We love him lots.


A little about my littles:

Bee-  Super energetic, brilliant, wild, sweet, funny 8 year old girl who loves to giggle. She loves to explore and learn and is a naturally curious child. She is also very artistic. This one also loves to push my buttons… she is my first child and very special to me..  we are learning about being a mom and daughter team together. We make mistakes sometimes, but mostly we rock  it!
Bee was born 2 months premature and spent those first 2 months in the hospital. She is the reason I became so interested in furthering my learning regarding attachment, and parenting.


Bunny- This little 5 year old girl is super sweet and snuggly and attached to momma, but venturing our more and more as she gets older. She loves to copy her big sister and tries to learn all that she can. She really loves when her sister takes the time to be her teacher in life. She is a sneaky little thing and keeps us on our toes all the time.

Bunny was born full term at home, with her big sister near by. Her birth was very healing for me emotionally. She is really hoping to be become a big sister in the near future…



Stay tuned for baby #3’s Profile …..




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