Little Brood Flock

I love chickens!!!

We have wanted to add a little urban hen flock into our lives for quite some time. We finally have the yard, (and bi-law approval) to do it.

We went out last week and bought a heat lamp and some high protein starter food and then Yesterday we went and picked out our girls.

We brought home 5 little cuties. 3 Miller Brown chicks (Ive heard they are amazing layers and pretty mellow), 1 Red Rock Cross, and 1 Red Sussex.

It took us a few hours but we came up with names for them all, they each have their own little personality, we can not wait to watch them grow. We will of course share our chicken adventures with you all šŸ™‚

Stay tuned because we are going to DIY our own COOP in the next few weeks!

PS. it is not an easy task to photograph 5 little chicks!


Ā  Ā  BasilĀ BeatriceĀ HarrietĀ MableĀ Daisy


They are deadly cute though right…..


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