Who wants to win some free swag?!?!?!


Look at this beautiful Nuggles “Up & Away” on the go Wet Bag and Swimsees combo I get to give away to someone amazing! The reusable sim diaper fits like a dream! Its a one size diaper that fits 10lbs -35lbs. and for real it does! You can see in the image below the swimsees fit 2 year old Soren and Sullivan (who you know is almost 3 months!).



We love the water. Our family is usually boating or at a waterpark all summer long, and we just love the reusable swim diapers that Nuggles has to offer! We have never had a “code brown” in the pool! (YAY)..

So if you want to enter to win this amazing Giveaway follow: suvannahslittlebrood and nugglesdiapers on Instagram.

Giveaway ends Friday August 19th 2016! (sometime in the evening. Im a busy mom so it will happen whenever I can get onto the computer haha)

Plus check out and follow the Nuggles Modern Cloth Diapers Facebook page cause thats just good manners!




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