So you know that moment when you are walking around the produce section and you see a giant watermelon and think.. “OH! I have to get one and put my baby inside it!”…?
No you don’t? Oh yeah thats because its a ridiculous idea.. and no matter how cute it is in your head.. the photo you know you have to take, will never turn out how you picture it.

Dear Children:
I am sorry that I put you through this.
Happy Summer. You may never eat watermelon again and enjoy it, but I love you.
Again, Im sorry.
~Love Mommy






**Sullivan did enjoy biting the watermelon rind.. so thats good at least.**

I think from now on someone should come with me to the store, and be my voice of reason.. for when I get ideas like this.
Also I have an obscene amount of watermelon in my fridge that needs to be eaten…


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