Healthy Eats

While I was pregnant with Sullivan I told my husband that after the baby was born I wanted to lose weight. (I wanted both of us to loose weight) Both of us have sort of let our weight creep up to high over the last few years. So I want to make some changes, yes to look better but also and more importantly to have more energy, set a good lifestyle example for the kids, live longer, be stronger, be happier etc etc…

So Baby Sullivan is just 12 weeks now. I am a believer in giving your body time to heal after baby. Losing weight is not a huge rush or priority. But, this time around, it is taking me longer to heal physically than after my previous pregnancies.
I thought Id be going to the gym a few times a week by now but alas… nope. So my goal is to hit the gym 2-3 times a week starting in September. Since the girls will be in public school this year I will have more time to go to the gym.

In the mean time Id like to eat healthy and go for a 20 minute walk each night. Our new house is right beside a lovely walking trail so this makes my goal super attainable.
I have also set myself up for success by ordering a produce basket from a local farm (run my a homeschooling family) It feels good to have farm-to-table food, and to support a local family! Ordering fresh food from them not only provides me with delicious healthy eats, but it keeps me out of the large grocery stores, and away from junk food! Woot..
Plus look how pretty the food is!
These Healthy eats are making me happy!



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