Remember when I made that list of things you need when you have a baby?
I put a baby carrier on that list for a reason, and Ring-slings are my fave! I have gone grocery shopping (without tears), snuggled an unsettled new baby, had older siblings bond with baby, got dad to hold baby and play video games at the same time, gone for walks, pushed kids on the swings, cooked dinner, put on my make-up, gone pee (yup), all while wearing baby Sullivan in our sling … all sorts of things that you need hands for haha. Baby wearing is a life/sanity saver.
So when  Sewfunky baby slings asked if I wanted to be one of her brand ambassadors I excitedly jumped at the opportunity! **
And when our sling arrived at our house and I saw how beautiful it was I had to get matching dresses made for the girls right away!


Baby wearing has really helped us settle into having a new baby in the house. Sullivan is the perfect addition to our family. He is so content and really patient with his sisters as they do all they can to spend time with him. He breastfeeds easily, sleeps wonderfully, and  snuggles amazingly. We sure love having our new baby, and we really love baby wearing.

**I am not paid to promote this product, I am however provided a free sling to use and review and LOVE. Follow us on Instagram to see our first year with Sully and Sewfunky plus lots more!


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