Wow so today is my due date. I never made it to my due date with my previous 2 pregnancies. So this is new to me. (31 weeks with Bee, and 39 with Bunny)

Im a strong believer in the idea that a due date is not an expiry date. It’s and estimate. Your body and baby know when it is time, and it will come when its ready.
Ok well truth time. Thats fine and dandy for the rest of you.. But get this baby out of me.

Lastnight I washed my floors on my hands and knees. I never do this. EVER. I also sat on my yoga ball and bounced hoping baby would come out… its still in….bourbon-clipart-0e4bd6894a9a9b0fd123dfbb5daab527

Anyways its my due date and Ill cry if I want to….cry if I want to.
Hurry and get born kid.. I hate being pregnant and I really love you and want to meet you.

Ps. how crazy is it that I want to I am excited and want to hurry up and experience labour.. intense, sometimes painful labour.. moms are weird.


What do we think friends is this baby a boy or a girl? Stay tuned to find out.


One thought on “D-Day

  1. opal says:

    I am feeling that it is your third daughter and i love her already.
    I am also anxious for you to give birth!
    Suvannah, we,ve been talking about this baby for years. Years! You have been ready long before you were pregnant. So, considering you’ve been ready for long before you were pregnant, it only seems fair that you’re ready for this prediction date to be accurate. Totally fair!!!

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