Oh we are 2 weeks (or less) away from having a new baby… I know lets sell our house! Why not. Lets add to the craziness! Selling our house is a good thing. Our house is way to small to bring in a new baby, and baby stuff (and eventually foster children). So we sold our house! We do have 2 months to move, which thankfully gives us time to have our home-birth here, and give me time to heal, before I have to start cleaning and packing our stuff.

But this means that we have to find a new house.. which we have not found yet. (what we need is 4 bedrooms, 2 family rooms, hopefully 2 bathrooms, and a nice yard for the kids.)  Its been a little stressful. We are not super picky, we know that what we can afford is something that might need a little work and thats ok, but the market is crazy here right now and houses are $$$$$$$$$$$ big money! Also I’m huge pregnant and house hunting while having contractions and waddling around is not super easy. Plus add hormones to the mix = stress.

Lets hope we find a house in the next few days, and that they accept our humble offer, and that everything goes smoothly with the move!

Happy Hump Day!


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