making padcicles

One of the things I prepared for myself, for after baby comes is… Padcicles yay how fun!

So yeah those are what they sound like.. frozen pads…
Im hoping that it will help with pain and swelling after baby comes.. soothe the lady bits if you will. Lets face it, the poor lady bits go through a lot.

Ive seen quite a few recipes online for how to make padcicles, but here is what I used/did.

~Took a trip down to my fave baby store Lizzie Bits. Bought some “Matrea Soothing Perineal Wash” This is made in BC so fairly local. Its pretty much like making tea. Its got lots of healing properties. Except I didnt drink it… (Also I plan on making soothing herbal baths after baby comes with this same product! Cant wait!!!)

~Poured the Soothing Tea onto a HUGE overnight Maxi pad. (Think big granny pad you would never wear in real life (Hey I’m gunna wear depends after baby comes too soooooo.. you can judge me if you want but meh)

~Fold pads back up in wrapper and stick in freezer.

A few small tips. Gently unfold your pads (this makes it easier to wrap back up) I also cut the paper “wing protector thing” down the middle so that the wings would still be sticky after.
Poured a bit of tea into the pad (more at the front and middle part, I didn’t worry about the back, I don’t really need a cold butt crack)
Since I will be having a home birth, I’m going to take 1 or 2 pads out of the freezer at the start of labour and put them in the fridge to thaw a bit, this should make it easier to open the frozen pads, and prevent freezer burn on already sensitive lady bits. *If you are planning a hospital birth, just get someone to take a few out of the freezer for you once you arrive back home so you can use it once you get settled in.

After baby is born I will let y’all know how the pads turned out and if I liked them or not. I only made 6 to start so no big loss if they suck or I just don’t like them. I can make more later on if I want.
Also I hope this post is somewhat comprehensible, I am about to pop a baby out and my brain in mushy as heck.

Slide show of the process:
(Please excuse the terrible lighting in my kitchen)

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Happy Birthing my friends.


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