10 must have baby items for new parents

Disclaimer.. there are not 10 items on the list.

Some friends of mine asked me to make a baby registry for this new little squish, so that they know what we need. Ive added some cute teething toys and swaddle blankets etc. Lets face it buying cute baby things is awesome!  I keep coming across these ridiculous lists and blog posts that tell new parents the top baby items they NEED for new baby..

These lists are bogus.. They are usually nice things to have, but.. need?? Nope. So I’m going to make you a list. I have already birthed and parented 2 babies, so I learned somethings. Do I know everything? Nope. And the needs of your family might be different from the needs of mine so..you decide what you need..

Top 10(not really) things you need for a new baby:
1: Boobs. (or some sort of nutrition for your new baby. It might be breastmilk, as that is the biological norm for human infants, but formula works to nourish baby too.)
I breastfed bunny until the age of three, but Bee was 2 months premature, and she was formula fed.. and they are both alive and loved.


2. Diapers. Weather you choose cloth or disposable diapers you are going to want something to catch the poop while you are out and about in the world. I love cloth diapers because they are cute, and environmentally friendly, and save lots of money. But guess what… disposables work too. If you are like me, when I had my first daughter I lived in an apartment building with shared laundry and so cloth was not an option.

3.Carseat. If you have a car you’ll want a carseat. Make sure you buy one that fits in your vehicle properly and read the manual (For real)! If you walk or ride a bike.. I guess you don’t need this item. (congrats for dodging a bullet $$$ )


4. Climate appropriate clothing. Duh.

5…… hmm I guess Ive run out of things you actually NEED… here are some things you might want that make life easier… but are not stupid.

Ring-sling, wrap, or soft structure baby carrier. – babies love to be close to the ones they love. They love to feel secure. A good baby carrier will save your sanity, this I have learned.

Safe sleep area – this can be in your bed, a bassinet, a hammock, a crib, a laundry basket.. you choose. If you do want to bed share, just make sure you look up how to co-sleep safely.

Breastpads – If you do choose to breastfeed you will want something to stop you from leaking through your shirt every time a baby whimpers  🙂 This is embarrassing when it happens, so my pro tip is to avoid it happening.

So those are my real life must haves! Let me know what you would add to the list..



2 thoughts on “10 must have baby items for new parents

  1. breannamcawesome says:

    I’d add a good soft towel for baths. Those cheap little Terry cloth ones don’t dry worth a damn. (Granted if your big person towels are still nice and soft and haven’t been washed 1000 times like mine, you can just use one of those)

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