Well.. I’m still pregnant, and I still suck and being consistent about blogging. Im actually a huge procrastinator and suck and being consistent with everything. Keeping up the blog, keeping up with laundry, working out, my bible reading schedule. Thank goodness kids tell you when you have forgotten to feed them lunch haha.

Im 32 weeks pregnant. With this pregnancy and my last getting to 32 weeks has been a big milestone for me, since Bee was born early at 31 weeks. My preemie fears start to subside around now.

The thing is I’m glad to still be pregnant for baby’s sake, but I hate it for myself. Im still puking everyday, plus I’m getting mega fat. Plus I look pale, my Iron is low, so I have to get that up before baby arrives. And I never sleep because its hard to get comfortable, I have heart burn all the time.

My kids have been begging me to take them swimming, so today I ventured out to the mall and bought myself a new bathing suit since my old one does not fit anymore…

Bathing suit shopping while you are pregnant, is kind of like kicking yourself in the groin, emotionally. And of course I am trying to be a body positive role model for my daughters and not complain about my shape. So there I am in the changing room pretending to be a confident woman with my cellulite and stretch marks staring at me. But then my littlest pipes up that she thinks I look beautiful, so I pretend that I agree. And I buy the stupid bathing suit. Now I just have to wear it to the pool and pretend to be confident infront of the the rest of the world. I hope that if I pretend for long enough maybe it will just start happening. #fakeittillyoumakeit

Anyways I made my 7 year old take some photos of my belly today. She’s getting a bit better with photography, although her framing could use some work.. oooh well.

Here’s some belly photos.
Im off to buy a carseat online now, since I think this new baby will probably need a carseat…



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