Wow, so yes it has actually been months since I posted a blog update. Sorry. Please forgive.
This pregnancy has not been kind to me. I have been sick sick sick. Its a little over half way over now, and I am counting down the days. I love this baby but I want it out of my body. I am starting to feel a little bit better. Not so sick anymore, but the nausea has been replaced with exhaustion, heartburn, and sore hips. Joy.
We sadly had to say no to a few Foster Care placements which made our hearts sad. We will be waiting until after baby comes to say yes to adding a foster child to our home. So while it might be a year or so away, it is still very much our plan to be part of the crazy world that is Foster care in BC. On a positive note my husband has been an amazing support. He has picked up the slack on the home-front, and takes care of me well. All the while he works to jobs to support our family. I have big love for him.
And our children have been a blessing too. Our homeschooling program is looking very much relaxed lately, mostly online learning games and art projects.

Anyways its a new year! With lots to look forward too. And I will try to blog more!


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