Babies Babies Everywhere…

Hashtag Im Pregnant.

Yeah thats right! Not only are we adding a foster baby to the family in the next few weeks, but in the spring time we are going to be having our very own bio baby number 3!  (Another spring baby for us!) The kids are so excited. We have been talking about having another baby for months now, and its finally happening!

I can not wait for another home birth, and to nurse a baby again, and snuggle and smell  that fresh born smell, and to see both my big girls love on a new baby.. Im such a happy momma! Oh and we can’t forget the baby-wearing…haha.

Im also a tiny bit nervous. Both previous pregnancies have been pretty hard on me, lots of morning sickness (read that as 40 weeks of all day all night sick!) So far I am only feeling exhausted and slightly nauseous, so hopefully thats as bad as its going to get.

As soon as I found out about baby #3 I ran out to the store to buy some Matraea Ginger Mint Tea to soothe my tummy. You can bet that I am going to be using all sorts of their products as I go along in this pregnancy, birth, and beyond, they have an amazing line of products.

#preggo #mataea

#preggo #matraea

Anyways you guys.. Im gunna have a baby!! YAY


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