transitioning from summer to school…

We are breathing in the last days of summer. The weather is cooling down a bit, which makes me very happy. I am a lover of the fall season. Crisp air, sunshine, hoodies, changing colours, sigh. It also means working our way back into a school routine. I am not good at this. Every year I start to question whether or not I am cut out for this homeschooling business. Am I screwing up my kids. I always come around to the fact that children learn best through play at this young age. This year though we are entering grade 2, which feels rather big and important. DSC_1511

I am currently focused on spending as much time outside daily as we can. (I hibernate when the snow comes.) So we are hanging out at the creek lots, and going for walks and bike rides, and trying to cram in lots of park playdates.
This year things are a bit different. I no longer have a job outside our home, so I can focus on the kids and schooling 100%
Another difference is that this year is our first year as a foster family.

I am going to try to write out a routine and stick to it for schooling this year. Friday is payday and we are going school supply shopping. Monday I promise to start on our routine. So that gives me a few days to figure out what that routine is going to be. Should I work on each subject a little each day? Or have specific days for each subject? Do I want to start school work in the morning or will our kids work better after they have played outside for a while? Are we going to have a foster baby who naps well, will we have to try and get school work done during naps? Sigh…

What are your homeschool plans this year? Gimme all your organizational tips!
Do you homeschool and do foster care? How does that work for you?
Do your children attend public school? What does that look like for you?
Leave a comment below, I love to hear from you!


8 thoughts on “transitioning from summer to school…

  1. hicamie says:

    I am using a day planner this year to stay organized. I also journal each homeschool day and it’s fun to look back and read all that we accomplished learning together. I keep our curriculum and other homeschool materials all together in one place. We have a craft container. I treat the first week as a time to test out our schedule or routine and tweak it but we also stay flexible with it all year long. We don’t cover every subject every day and Fridays are free days to watch movies relating to our study units, craft, go on field trips, etc. I’ve learned over 6 years of homeschooling to try something if it sounds good, but modify it to fit our needs or scrap it if it doesn’t work for us.

    • suvannahruddock says:

      Thanks for your comment. I like the idea of having Friday’s as a free day. I really like the Idea of being organized and in a routine, and yet still flexible. I mean thats kind of a big reason for homeschooling. Being able to do what works for us.

  2. sara1homesweethome says:

    Excellent post! I posted one not so long ago with a freak out of can I homeschool? What if I fail my child! Haha there’s some lovely supporting mums on here to reassure me! I’m creepy organised and write down a list of subjects I want to teach and research them and made a timetable which we do not always stick too, I use a lot of free websites and Pinterest! Check out my blog I’ve just posted up my websites I use, oh and khan academy xxxx you will be great!

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