The littles Take on Foster Care.

We have wanted a baby in the house again for a long time. I’m sure in the future we will add another Biological Baby to the mix. For now we are jumping into foster care, and brining a baby into our house that way. How do you explain to your kids that we are getting a baby because their mommy and daddy could not take care of them properly?

Well as with all the difficult topics in life we are going to explain it honestly, but in a way that a 7 and 4 year old can understand.

We told our kids that we are getting a baby whose mommy and daddy are too sick or just can’t take care of them, but that when their mommy and daddy are better they will go back home or if maybe they can’t get better we are going to help the baby find a new mommy and daddy. Our job is to love the baby as much as we can until it gets to its forever family.
What our kids got out of that is that our home is a place of love, and we get to share that love!


Our sweet girls are so excited to have a baby in the house. They helped us set up the crib. They love to pick out clothes and toys when we go shopping. They tell anyone who will listen that we are getting a foster baby. Our pizza delivery boy is really happy for us haha.


As with any change to a family dynamic there are some apprehensions. Bee(7) is feeling annoyed about the fact that she will have to wait to get attention some times when the baby is crying. Bunny(4) is crying at bed time and asking for a pacifier (she never used pacifiers) I think she’s feeling a bit unsure about what her place will be when she is not the youngest anymore.
I’m very confident that as soon as a baby comes to our house Bunny will feel a lot more secure, she loves babies so much.

The kids are really excited to love on a little baby…whenever we get that call.


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