Well we are now a safe babies certified home. Our home-study is completed. Our cupboards are stocked with bottles and formula, and the cloth diapers have been washed. We are now just waiting on “the call”.

We have stepped into the world of foster care. This is something that our family has been thinking of doing since before our second daughter was conceived. It’s actually something I have wanted to do since before I even met my Hubby. It’s not something that you can just jump into without thinking though, timing has to be right, your hearts have to be ready. We are ready.

People always have lots of comments and questions when we tell them we are going to be a foster family. So many of the questions are things we do not have answers to yet. But here is what we know at this point:

~We will be taking an infant girl or boy under the age of 2.
~No we are not trying to foster to adopt, but we are certainly open to that if the situation is right.
~Yes we do think saying goodbye, and sending these little people home will be heart breaking for us, but to give them love while they are still with us is worth it. They deserve to be loved in a big way. I think the pain of saying goodbye is not something we fully grasp yet, we know its coming, but until it happens we will not fully get it.  I do think we will also feel really big happiness when these babies get to go home and be with their families who love them and missed them fiercely . We really have to focus on the fact that foster care is not just about the little people, but their entire family.. something I am trying really hard to stay focused on.

So there you have it. My first Foster Care post. We are currently waiting for our first placement, and we can’t wait to love, and then let love go.


**If you want to know how are kids are feeling about this BIG new thing we are doing, I am working on a post about that soon!
**If you do have questions about this journey. Leave them in the comment section and I will do my best to answer them.


7 thoughts on “Waiting..

  1. Opal Michel says:

    Aw! Look at that sweet little setup! A cheerful yellow sling, a safe crib and sleep suit. ❤ Makes it feel so real!
    I am so happy for you all. As you know from my letter of recommendation I sent in for you, I am a FULL supporter of this. You are going to make such a difference for the lives of little ones.

  2. mommameesh says:

    Looking forward to your post about your children’s perspectives on this change. Also, love the fact you mention cloth diapering! I cloth diapered both of my children.

  3. Life Observer says:

    You definitely have the right focus about why to do foster care! I am a bio kid of foster parents, so I look forward to reading how your girls are feeling towards this change. Stay strong in the waiting (unless you already got a call!)

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