Home Improvements..

I am so excited and proud of Bunny and myself. We demolished this old nasty sliding glass shower door. (MY NEMESIS) I hate that no matter what it is always wet and mildewy in there, and hard to clean and time consuming. So I took maters into my own hands and ripped it out!


It took about 5 mins to remove the door. I used my trusty knife that my dad gave me and cut all the calking around the doors, unscrewed the 6 screws that held the metal in place and then ripped the doors off. It was actually really easy, but made me feel like quite the “handyman”.


WARNING NASY ewwww picture below. All this watery mouldy mildew was trapped under the metal door. YUCK. I will not not miss glass shower doors.



Bunny and I picked out a nice light blue shower curtain and installed it and scrubbed the shower clean and it feels and looks much better in my humble opinion! It only took us about an hour and a half to complete the project. And there you have it.. my husband free home improvement project! GIRL POWER.


Now.. where is my coffee??


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