Its ok to like yourself

I think we are nervous about saying that we are good at something. We do not want to come across as cocky or arrogant. But its ok to know that you are good at something, its ok to feel pride in your accomplishments.

Bee is really good at art. I hope that she will know how to take a compliment. I hope that she feels proud of her talent.

Bunny is really helpful. I hope that she knows that she is good at showing empathy, and I hope she feels proud about the fact that she thinks of others and what will make them happy.

I am proud of the mom that I am. I am not perfect, but I think its pretty cool that I let my kids jump on the bed, or play outside without me being on top of them always, or make a mess during arts and crafts, or use a hot glue gun (yes I trust in their abilities) I’m pretty laid back and that makes me a good mom. I’m a good mom because I snuggle them and kiss their cheeks every night as I am tucking them into their beds, and I am a good mom because I am patient with them when they get up for the 100th time to tell me they want a drink of water or they need to tell me something cool that happened to them that day. I’m a good mom because when I do loose my cool or make a mistake I apologize to them.

DSC_0138DSC_0122DSC_0138 DSC_0119
What makes you a good mom or a what is some thing you are really good at doing? Tell us.
Toot your own horn.


5 thoughts on “Its ok to like yourself

  1. Opal Michel says:

    ‘m a good Mom because my children feel truly heard when I listen to them…even though I talk so much and want to cut them off and tune them out often, I push against that urge and patiently listen to them.
    How about you? Give yourself a compliment.

    • suvannahruddock says:

      I think listening to your children even if its something small or even if you are tired is such a great thing. They trust you, and so when big things come along they will communicate with you. To me thats a huge protection for them.

  2. affectionforfiction says:

    I’m a good mom because I am learning to forgive myself. I am shedding the shame of my mistakes that will only create darkness and choosing to live in light… Also I think I’m a pretty good blogger to…

  3. Missy M says:

    I’m a good mom because we do hands on activities every day, because we talk about the best and worst part of each day and why, because I teach empathy and understanding others, because I know when to let kids be kids, and because I show my kids my emotions and explain why I feel a certain way. We are not afraid to cry, laugh, yell, hide, smile, or cuddle in our house. ❤

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