This time last year we were deep into some unit study on space or music or something exciting. Our lessons were all planned out and scheduled each mooring. Fast forward to now. The excitement of homeschooling has worn off a little and the realities set in.

Realities being that when you homeschool you are with your kids 24/7 literally they are with me ALL THE TIME,  as well as the fact that they do not think that learning grammar is fun and they refuse to finish the days work, two sentences into the assignment.

Realities being that sometimes families need more that one income and therefore some moms have to join the work force leaving less time for school related activities..(but since they are stubborn, since I am stubborn, I refuse to give up homeschooling at this point in our lives)

Enter the prioritizing stage of our homeschooling journey.

Those workbooks I started at the beginning of the year, with the hopes of doing a page or two a day.. well I have picked through them and chosen pages that I have deemed “important”  matching rhyming words repeatedly did NOT make the cut, nor did tracing all the letters of the alphabet.

Instead I have decided to focus on real life things. We started writing letters to a pen pal, and making grocery lists, and writing stories based on drawings. We have devoted time to reading stories for fun, and discussing bible stories that we read each night  (what can we learn from these examples). We are focusing on building character and developing virtues such as, kindness, honesty, self-regulation..etc.

We are learning math through baking and making grocery lists from flyers and sticking to a budget.

We are experiencing our community, with horseback riding lessons, and trips to the library, and the bakery, and the museum, etc.

I am spending a lot less time doing school work with my kids, and instead teaching them how to learn via life experiences. We are doing this because this what we have time for right now, and this is what is important right now. Shaping beautiful, kind, human beings, who have real life skills, and carry on interesting and polite conversations with other people this is what we have deemed priorities over doing worksheets about whether a pencil is longer or shorter than a watermelon.. haha.. but that’s just us.

**Disclaimer sometimes their conversations are not polite, sometimes they tell poop jokes, and by sometimes I mean every day, but thats ok cause lets face it, sometimes poop jokes are funny.**

Now here is a picture of a random pretty purple weed that we found on a nature walk…because.. well… purple is pretty.



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