So I have one child who is in grade1 and one child who is in pre-school. I work outside of the home part-time and my time is limited to get school work done so being able to create an activity appropriate for both ages was something important to me.

Super fun and easy to do for the kids. I pick one “idea” and then tailor it to each age. Here are some examples of what we have done so far:


With this first entry we looked at circles. For bunny she just traced the shape and put stickers on the page. And for Bee I got her to write out the word circle, write out some numbers that looked like circles etc. So we take something simple, and then expand it for the older child.


The next entry we just played with the first letter of their first names. Bunny just used stickers and played around and Bee came up with words that start with “B”  and wrote her name.

These Journal entries have been a fun way to connect at the start of the school day. After this Bunny goes off to play quietly and I continue doing school work with Bee. I find that Bunny is more willing to leave us to do school work alone if we have given her plenty of attention at the start. She used to come in and be disruptive to our more intensive lessons, and now we are able to focus more without interruptions its lovely. Plus its nice to spend a little time including her in our schooling, after all that is the whole point of family-schooling!


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