Sour Cherries and Raspberries.

There is a local business run by a homeschooling family in town, and they have an Urban Agriculture Project. They invited us out to pick fruit for the day. We picked a bunch of sour cherries and some raspberries. 



DSC_7877 DSC_7881 DSC_7888

We had a lovely time. Bunny picked a ton of cherries. Bee ate lots of Raspberries. 


Ive never had sour cherries before. I wasn’t sure what to do with them really. So I looked up recipes online. I decided a cherry raspberry crumble would be best. (We are going to freeze the rest) I loosely followed a recipe online, making adjustments along the way. We baked the crumble at 375 for about 45 mins. 

DSC_7894 DSC_7897 DSC_7898            I served it with Honey Greek Yogurt. It was delicious! Sour cherries are super tart! 

Eating and baking with fresh local foods is fun, and so is meeting like minded people in our community! Thank you Go Box Permaculture Project for sharing your produce with us. And inspiring the love of local food in my children!


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