When life hands you Zucchini’s….

Summer time and my garden is in full bloom, the snap peas are done and harvested but the Zucchini just keeps coming. The kids planted and watered and prune back the zucchini plants, and now they harvest it, and we usually sauté it in butter and sprinkle with a little salt and pepper. Apparently my kids are getting sick of that though, soooo we made CHOCOLATE Chip Zucchini cake. OMG its so yummy.

I used this recipe (chocolate zucchini cake) I just added a little bit of cinnamon because as I discussed with a friend, cinnamon is always called for.

The cake was moist and delicious! I may have had a piece of cake for breakfast this a.m. (What its healthy, there are veggies in it hahaha)

Pre cake Zucchini with adorable water droplets seeping out all around the edges. Its pretty to me.



I sprinkled chocolate chips all over the top of the cake for extra gooey yumminess!

And to make it homeschooly, the kids helped me bake the cake. We measured together, and to make it more fun we didn’t use the “1 cup” measure. We only used the half cup, and had to figure out how many half cups it take to get 3 cups of flour. So Math : ) Go us!

As per our style we try to learn as much as we can through just living our lives.




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