Let me make a recommendation. Install an indoor swing in your home. I have wanted an indoor swing since I was a child. I told myself If I get a house with a basement and lots of room, I am getting an indoor swing. Well we have a tiny house, and no basement, but I could not help it. I had to get a swing. I set it up in the corner of my kids bedroom and its so much fun. Im so glad I did it. Sometimes the kids sit in it and play games on the iPad, they just sort of float around and relax or sometimes we go crazy with it, spinning around, or bashing into the walls. (the swing has an inflatable seat so it does not wreck the walls, and keeps kids from getting hurt haha). 

I posted a while ago about taking time for the kids to reconnect, we all get so busy, the swing is a nice way for me to spend a few mins with them, pushing them, laughing, chatting. I think every home needs an indoor swing! 


Look how happy they are! 
For homeschoolers, if you find your child getting restless, and maybe needing a brain break this swing is a great little tool to shake out the sillies or just have a little break. 
Plus there is a lot of winter months where we live like 7-8 months of cold. So its nice to have somewhere to play when we can not go outside. 

So ummm… get a swing! 


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