Splatter Paint (Outside!)

I’m so happy the weather is consistently nice. We can take any last school projects or art projects outside, and the house is not as messy. SCORE. The nice weather is also a nice renewal of motivation for us! 

Today I filled up empty egg shells with paint and told the kids to throw them at a canvas! They loved it. They giggled and destroyed the canvas. We also flung paint at the canvas with brushes to fill up the empty spaces and made a hand print canvas as well. I love little hand prints! 

I have a goal for the next year to display more of my kids art work in the house, and to put up more photos of our family as well. (Im a photographer and yet there are only 2 family photos on our wall. I always talk to clients about the importance of hanging their photos.. *cough Hypocrite cough**. I shall be a hypocrite no more! ) This was step one. 2 large canvas paintings to get us started. We had lots of fun, and I am happy with the results too. Bring on the Bunny and the Bee Art Gallery 2014 Collection! Our Gallery wall will host photos of the kids, as well as their creations. 



**Muahahha**. Mischievous girl is excited to be egging the house haha.  



Fun Day! 


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