Nature Journal

Workbook activities have been put on a back burner for now, and likely the rest of the year. I was sick of fighting with Bee all day and having her angry and anxious about doing school work. I kept thinking that one of the reasons I wanted to homeschool was to avoid the stress of school, to make sure my kids love and enjoy learning (especially in the beginning). We all have to do things we don’t want to do, or do not enjoy, but I would really like early learning to be fun and encouraging, make it exciting!

Nature Journals have done this for our family. They cover more than just “science”. 
Heres what we accomplish with nature journals:
~Science- Plant and animal types, land forms etc.
~Math- Measuring and counting items
~Language and writing- Spelling and learning new words.
~Art- Drawing and photographing what we see.
~Physical activity- Walking, hiking, biking to location
~Community- Exploring our community!

Yesterday we made a lesson out of the Hyacinth flowers in our front yard.



Math, science, language all in one! 



We used a ruler to measure how tall the plants are.




Both of my kids enjoy leaning through these journal entries. I will of course re-visit work books later. For now we will focus on hands on, practical, real life learning. 


3 thoughts on “Nature Journal

  1. cangal says:

    This time of the year is when work books (which my daughter adores and loves) get put away for us as well. Its something about this time of year. Children are ment to use their hands and minds together exploring and learning! Its how god ment it to be… Baby chicks, fresh growing buds, dead leaves covering new life. Its the cycle…. 😀 Good thinking mama!

  2. suvannahruddock says:

    I agree. At the start of the Year Bee really liked doing work books, now she freaks out if I use them.
    So we are spending lots of time reading and playing outside.
    I think its definitely a spring thing. Im so thankful homeschooling accommodates this change!

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