Let her sleep for when she wakes…

…she will move mountains.

Someone said that.. and that’s all fine and dandy. But how the heck did they get “her” to sleep in the first place?!? Anyone know?

Here is what I know. My kids hate bed time. It usually takes about 3 hours of fighting constantly to get them to sleep, and then a few hours after I go to bed, I wake up with one child on either side of me. Sigh.


We have tried it all. Bed time routine, reading to them, massage, calming tea, lullabies, warm milk, bribes, threats (I’m not proud of that one). Nothing seems to get them into their own beds.

Im sure we will get this sleep thing to happen at some point. For now, Im happy that we school at home, so that we can sleep in a bit in the mornings, and get on with class time a little later in the day. I can’t imagine waking up early after not sleeping to get the kids to school on time, or that my kids would function well at school all day after not sleeping through the night….

If you have gentle parenting suggestions on how to get my children to sleep at night, I welcome them. 🙂

In the meantime here are some cute photos of my kids when they are sleeping 🙂

Here they are the morning after Bunny was born. Automatically comfortable with being sisters.



I mean look how cute they are, why would they not sleep more often!



5 thoughts on “Let her sleep for when she wakes…

  1. Opal Michel says:

    This is so sweet, oh my gosh.
    And I understand. I do, I do.
    You have a very good point about how beneficial homeschooling is for the sleep challenged.
    What a gift slow moving mornings are!

  2. corinnebjacob says:

    Those are ADORABLE photos. Your kids look so sweet! I’m waiting for the comments to flow about gentle parenting and sleep patterns cause it looks like we’re on the same boat.

    • suvannahruddock says:

      The comments I have had in the past are “just let them co-sleep they will leave when they are ready”
      which I would do IF, they didn’t kick me, and move, and fight with each other. My husband works early in the mornings, and co-sleeping is just not a happy thing anymore… so yes I need help getting them into their own bed and feeling secure about it haha.

      • corinnebjacob says:

        That doesn’t sound ideal if they are fighting and you aren’t getting any rest. Hopefully they will get to their own beds soon. Maybe involving them in making their bed their own (Art work, favorite toys’ etc will help?

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