Our school year is winding down, all our goals have been met, so we are not doing lots of book work right now. We are focused more on leaning through play, reading books together, and exploring nature. We are going to spend the last 2 months just having fun.
A few weeks ago we took Bee to the LEGO movie. She loved it. I have always felt like LEGO is a great learning tool. So this week was LEGO week here at our family-school.

We started out by talking about where LEGO was invented. (DENMARK) We looked at Denmark on our globe, and on a map. Bee built Denmark’s Flag out of LEGO. We also learned that LEGO was originally made out of wood.



We looked at videos on Youtube showing how LEGO is manufactured which was neat. Plus we looked at videos showcasing different LEGO creations people have worked on. One person made a working printer using legos and a felt pen! I wish I was that creative. Bee chose to make a boat with her LEGOs. You can see her work below! 




We also did some LEGO math. We graphed out how many Legos were in a pile. Then looked at what colour had the most brick, what colour had the least. Bee got to practice spelling, and reading, and counting, and sorting. 





We have been having lots of fun learning about and play with LEGO. (And wearing PJ’s ALL day haha )

(We got the graphing worksheet from this website FYI)


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