Weaning Party

I nursed her on beaches, on benches, in parks, on couches, in bed, on top of a mountain, in a tent, under a waterfall, in a rocking chair, at home, grocery shopping, at restaurants.. I nursed her everywhere. We nursed for 2 years and 11 months. We nursed past our goal of 2 years. I nursed her when she was hungry, when she was sad, when she was tired.

{Our first nursing session ever, moments after she was born (at home)}

First nursing session

And nursing a 2 year old, this is one of our last nursing photos. Big sister snuggling close by..


We have been gently weaning for months now… and it has all lead up to this day. Weaning Day. It is not a sudden cutting off of our nursing relationship, we have been slowly moving away from breastfeeding, and now we are done.

I am feeling lots of things today. Happy, proud, sad, unsure, anxious, and excited!

I wanted to do something to celebrate our breastfeeding relationship, it has been a special time for us, so we are having a weaning party. Complete with Balloons and cake, and blowing bubbles, and family members around us.


I made special Bunny themed sandwiches for lunch. Sprinkles and all. And Bee helped me make and decorate this “Way to Wean!” Cake for our little Bunny.





The girls got to go try horse back riding for the first time today. What a hit! We will certainly take them again. I thought they would be nervous, and that I might have to coax them onto the horse, but nope, they gladly hopped up and rode away.






Oh yes and we made bunny cookies as well!


Little Bunny momma loves you so much, and I have loved nursing you, and now that we are done this part of our relationship, I will still love you, always.


6 thoughts on “Weaning Party

  1. Cyrenne Reedy-Estrada says:

    I love this! I’m hoping my next baby breast feeds longer! Lium only made it till 9 months till breast feeding just didn’t satisfy his hunger pains. I may not have been producing enough though, stress levels were high. Love the peaceful love you and your daughters share, good for you!

  2. Wendy says:

    I love how full of gentle parenting ideas you are…and educational ideas…but the gentle ones really touch my heart and encourage me to keep on trucking and strive to do better. I have three times thought in anger we were done nursing in the last few month but it’s not how I want thing to go. This idea seems like something that would appeal to my son (not me so much because it means explaining what is happening and despite being tired and feeling like I spend too much time nursing…I’m afraid to end it..for the loss of the connection, for the ability to make everything better, to reignite his love when he seems angry and to turn him over to the dark side…Bowen;)

    • suvannahruddock says:

      I felt all of those things that you are feeling. I loved being able to fix anything with “momma milk”, or to easily put her to sleep at bedtime.
      I was feeling angry with our early morning feeds and said to myself UUUUUGH I AM SO DONE. I NEVER WANT TO NURSE HER AGAIN. .. and then the quote “never quit on a bad day” would pop into my mind and I would roll over and pop the boob in her mouth ahha.

      Im really glad that we did wean, and Im happy that I stuck to my gut feeling of letting her take the lead and gently encouraging the process over time.

      Im sure whatever you choose to do it will be what works best for your family.

      Breastfeeding is a two way relationship, and it has to work for both people, or else.. it doesnt work.

      • suvannahruddock says:

        PS. The end of breastfeeding does not mean the end of connection. This I am learning. There are still lots of opportunities to pause the day and snuggle in. Reading stories together, snuggling while watching a tv show. We tend to co-sleep most of the time, so snuggling in bed at night, or waking up to kisses in the morning.

        Its interesting leaning about “attachment parenting” beyond breastfeeding and baby wearing.(since there are no babies in my house currently) Thats a whole other post though isn’t it. hahaha. I think you inspired my next blog post haha.

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