“Come and Play with me Mom”

All moms have it. That nagging guilt when your child just wants you to come play Lego, or cars, or dolls or whatever… and you just HAVE to finish doing the laundry or dishes before you play..

I have found myself saying to my kids, “Just wait. When Im done the dishes I will come play.”
BUT then I look at the state of my bathrooms, and decide maybe I should clean those too while I have a few mins (they really do need to be cleaned), and I leave her hanging. (She’s happily playing with her sister now anyways)

What is more important?

I home-school my kids so that I can spend time with them, and enjoy them. I can watch them learn and play. Mostly its so I can be involved and present in their daily lives. Yet, there they sit, looking disappointed as I tell them.. please wait.

(**note** we play together lots, they are not sad or neglected haha. We interact lots doing our school work and exploration too. But its hard not to feel guilty sometimes. We always want more right?)


I’m here to tell you its ok to leave the dishes in the sink, and go and read a story to your kids. Or hold off on folding the laundry to get down and play trains with them (be honest you hate folding laundry anyways, plus the kids are only going to knock the folded piles off your bed half an hour later.)

Kids grow up so fast. Its ok to stop and give them the time they need. Chances are you need it too.



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