Unplug and Play Week

March 24th -30th is unplug and play week here in BC. The goal is to get families active and turning off their hand-held devises as well as Tv’s computers etc. Apparently the average Canadian child watches 8 hours of screen time per day! Um that’s shocking to me and yet, I have a feeling my own kids are not far off from that! WOW!

I personally have been trying to cut back screen time for my family. The weather is warming up and I have renewed my desire to get outside and live! So I plan on keeping the TV off and putting away my iPhone for the week and having fun with my kids. Our little homeschoolers learn more by doing and living than watching tv right. (Although sometimes its nice to just set them up with magic school bus and drink coffee and browse Facebook.. not gunna lie)

I plan to get the kids out and working in our garden, getting it ready to plant seeds. Cleaning up the yard. Taking our nature journals out and going for a hike or two. Setting up a puzzle station for my kids. Reading our favourite books. I think lots of crafts will be done. We will of course have some other homeschool friends over for playdates. I might take the kids swimming or to the rock climbing gym.
Bee will be working on learning the Ukulele. And this momma is going to (attempt to) learn how to crochet!


My friend Sarah is planning a “Screen Sabbath”. She has 2 blogs (Goats Milk Lattes and Scott School and she is a lot of fun!)

Who else wants to join us and “unplug”  for the week or maybe a day? Let me know what you plan on doing. I know I could use some inspiration and always love new ideas for family activities.


DSC_0910 - Version 2

Oh yes and we will be riding bikes!


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