Little Brood Doula

Little Brood Doula-2

Just a little update regarding my my Doula training. I LOVE it. I am spending lots of time reading about all the ins and outs of birth support, and birthing options, and procedures etc.

I have 2 of my 3 certification births booked already, and I can not wait to see these women bring new life into this beautiful world. Everything looks bright and optimistic to me right now. Ahhh happiness.

So yes, spread the word… #getyourselfadoula


Pursuit of Passion…

No not like, hot and heavy making love passion.. haha.

Pursuing passions in life. I have my beautiful little family. I have chickens (lol). And now Ive made the leap into something that has been on my heart for years. Going after my Doula certification.


I have always been drawn to women and babies, birth and breastfeeding. After I had my first child, becoming a Doula was something that was in the back of my head as a someday, maybe, I hope, far off dream. After I had my second daughter, and first home birth, it was a strong pull. After the birth of my son (2nd home birth and last baby) it was something I really needed to pursue. He’s now 10 months old and it just feels like the time is right to make the move and for real became a certified Doula.

So here I go! It feels great to do something for me, to fulfill something in myself. I have not done something like this in almost 9 years. I am moving forward and into myself. Less about only doing things for my children, more about doing something for me.

I can’t wait to support and empower women and their families, and help them embrace their own journeys into motherhood!

Little Brood Flock

I love chickens!!!

We have wanted to add a little urban hen flock into our lives for quite some time. We finally have the yard, (and bi-law approval) to do it.

We went out last week and bought a heat lamp and some high protein starter food and then Yesterday we went and picked out our girls.

We brought home 5 little cuties. 3 Miller Brown chicks (Ive heard they are amazing layers and pretty mellow), 1 Red Rock Cross, and 1 Red Sussex.

It took us a few hours but we came up with names for them all, they each have their own little personality, we can not wait to watch them grow. We will of course share our chicken adventures with you all ūüôā

Stay tuned because we are going to DIY our own COOP in the next few weeks!

PS. it is not an easy task to photograph 5 little chicks!


    Basil Beatrice Harriet Mable Daisy


They are deadly cute though right…..

Back at the Blog

Wow it seems like every year its the same story, I fail at blogging durning the winter. I’m a blog hibernator? Is that a thing? I guess there is something about spring that makes me want to write about my life. Maybe its the renewal of life around me? Maybe its just that I am not very fun during the winter?

Bring on the spring re-blogification..

I will be bringing you a new blog post each Thursday! Chatting all things family, food, coffee, fitness (yeah I know this is a new topic for me), friends and fun!


Im almost 10 months old now!! 


My kids are just the greatest. Ive been struggling with clutter, it aggravates my anxiety, so I’m getting rid of stuff and organizing the things I do have, in a better way. A tidy house is a happy house for me.

Im super thankful that the novelty of a new baby has not worn off and that my big girls are still quite happy to help out with, and be around their little brother.



Who wants to win some free swag?!?!?!


Look at this beautiful Nuggles “Up & Away” on the go Wet Bag and Swimsees combo I get to give away to someone amazing! The reusable sim diaper fits like a dream! Its a one size diaper that fits 10lbs -35lbs. and for real it does! You can see in the image below the swimsees fit 2 year old Soren and Sullivan (who you know is almost 3 months!).



We love the water. Our family is usually boating or at a waterpark all summer long, and we just love the reusable swim diapers that Nuggles has to offer! We have never had a “code brown” in the pool! (YAY)..

So if you want to enter to win this amazing Giveaway follow: suvannahslittlebrood and nugglesdiapers on Instagram.

Giveaway ends Friday August 19th 2016! (sometime in the evening. Im a busy mom so it will happen whenever I can get onto the computer haha)

Plus check out and follow the Nuggles Modern Cloth Diapers Facebook page cause thats just good manners!




So you know that moment when you are walking around the produce section and you see a giant watermelon and think.. “OH! I have to get one and put my baby inside it!”…?
No you don’t? Oh yeah thats because its a ridiculous idea.. and no matter how cute it is in your head.. the photo you know you have to take, will never turn out how you¬†picture it.

Dear Children:
I am sorry that I put you through this.
Happy Summer. You may never eat watermelon again and enjoy it, but I love you.
Again, Im sorry.
~Love Mommy






**Sullivan did enjoy biting the watermelon rind.. so thats good at least.**

I think from now on someone should come with me to the store, and be my voice of reason.. for when I get ideas like this.
Also I have an obscene amount of watermelon in my fridge that needs to be eaten…

Healthy Eats

While I was pregnant with Sullivan I told my husband that after the baby was born I wanted to lose weight. (I wanted both of us to loose weight) Both of us have sort of let our weight creep up to high over the last few years. So I want to make some changes, yes to look better but also and more importantly to have more energy, set a good lifestyle example for the kids, live longer, be stronger, be happier etc etc…

So Baby Sullivan is just 12 weeks now. I am a believer in giving your body time to heal after baby. Losing weight is not a huge rush or priority. But, this time around, it is taking me longer to heal physically than after my previous pregnancies.
I thought Id be going to the gym a few times a week by now but alas… nope. So my goal is to hit the gym 2-3 times a week starting in September. Since the girls will be in public school this year I will have more time to go to the gym.

In the mean time Id like to eat healthy and go for a 20 minute walk each night. Our new house is right beside a lovely walking trail so this makes my goal super attainable.
I have also set myself up for success by ordering a produce basket from a local farm (run my a homeschooling family) It feels good to have farm-to-table food, and to support a local family! Ordering fresh food from them not only provides me with delicious healthy eats, but it keeps me out of the large grocery stores, and away from junk food! Woot..
Plus look how pretty the food is!
These Healthy eats are making me happy!


Happy Friday

What are you guys up to this weekend? What are you doing today?

I’m supposed to be building bunkbeds and unpacking boxes from our move.. but Im eating left over salmon and googling “How to run an Instagram contest”.

I will be hosting a cloth diaper give away on my Instagram in a few weeks soo stay tuned for that.

In the mean time here is a cute photo of my little guy…


Summer time and the living is….

Easy.. the living is easy.
We just moved into our new home. Once all the boxes are put away and walls painted etc I’ll give you the tour. But for now.. summer time!

Baby Sullivan is super chill. He loves to lounge around in his Nuggles¬†Diapers. Just laying in the shade while his sisters run around the yard screaming and giggling, jumping on the trampoline, splashing in the cold water pouring out of the hose… and Momma sits on the blanket beside him munching on yummy summer treats like fresh strawberry, peach and blueberry mixed with weird stuff like feta and pumpkin seeds! (mmm I promise its a yummy combo.)


So yeah.. the living is easy!